Chub Creek
Chub Creek
Robertson, Eric
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Public Art
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The artists’ concept proposal states: “My interest in the art site began with a focus on the geophysical landscape facing Fulton House. Chub Creek is at the intersection of these two complex systems and is the reference point to where I came about visualizing the work. Chub Creek, named after a species of fish that once spawned there in great numbers, would have been an impressive natural spectacle, feasted upon to the top of the food chain. The land otter, in particular, would most certainly be present and are the metaphor that I use to articulate a vision of the underlying forces moving life below the landscape and emerging from artesian wells.”
Installation-based artist, Eric Robertson was born and raised in Vancouver BC. At an early age, he met and mentored with several active Northwest Coast artists, including Haida Artist Bill Reid and began to learn conventional Northwest Coast style. His heritage which includes First Nations and Euro-Canadian ancestry brought about his personal exploration into identity and the complex relationships interpreted through local histories and environments. A former Department of Fisheries Officer, and Honors Graduate, Majoring in Three Dimensional Studies at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1988, Eric obtained his M.F.A. from Concordia University in Montréal, Québec in 1992. In 2002, after 10 years of exhibiting his work and 7 years teaching visual arts in post-secondary institutions, Robertson choose to focus his work entirely on public art. Commissioned works include installations at Seattle City Hall, Washington Tillamook Forest Center, Oregon, Banff, Alberta, and several public institutions and municipal outdoor sites around the lower mainland. Use of durable materials, cultural references and the unique craftsmanship and composition inherent to West Coast presence, continue to inform his subtle and elegant work.