Within Green Mansions II
King, Hazel
Within Green Mansions II
38.4cm height x 37.0cm width
Accession Number
Education Collection
Gift of the artist
Born in New York to Scottish parents, King grew up in Glasgow. She was sent to live with family in New Westminster, Canada at the age of 11, as a World War II evacuee. She returned to Glasgow at age 15, and in 1947, came back to Canada, joined by her parents in 1949. She began studying art in evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art in 1946/7. She first started making prints with Malaspina in Mathers House and was an active member of the Burnaby Artist Guild. She studied printmaking at Capilano College, after which she continued her work with Dundarave, arranging for their new press to come from New Mexico. King eventually bought her own press, working from her home studio. Many of her works are inspired by photographs that she took while camping with her husband and three sons. King has lived in Burnaby since 1954.