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Heights Fountain Square
Heights Fountain Square
Anderson, Glen
tile mural
water feature
1m height x 60m width x 28m depth
City of Burnaby
Accession Number
Burnaby Heights
Civic Art: City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection
Public Art
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Through Community Reflections, a Burnaby Heights Millennium project, the Heights community marked the beginning of the twenty-first century by contributing sections of mosaic to a legacy art project. Between November 2000 and March 2001, artists Glen Anderson, Shelley Twist and Barbary Meneley, in cooperation with a community advisory committee, worked with local schools and community residents to design, create and install the ceramic tile and pebble mosaics found in the Square. In addition to providing our community with opportunities for artistic and cultural expression, Community Reflections has created a lasting legacy: a piece of public art that celebrates the Heights community. This collaborative effort of the Heights Merchants Association, the Heights Neighbourhood Association, Gilmore Community School, the City of Burnaby and Chevron Canada Ltd was made possible through grants from the Canada Millennium Partnership and the BC 2000 Community Spirit Grant Program. The pebble mosaic that decorates the fountain pool was created by Burnaby North Secondary School students. Surrounding the fountain are portraits created by local community residents with seasonal images created by Alpha Secondary School students. Students of the Gilmore Community School, Rosser, Kitchener, Confederation Park and St. Helen’s Elementary Schools created the series of tile mosaic panels that form the pavilion mosaic and those on the waste receptacles. The star motif of the pavilion represents the activities and scenes of local Heights community life in the context of the universe, while the mosaics that decorate the waste receptacles celebrate nature and the many languages spoken in the Heights.
Glen Anderson has been engaged since 1995 in creating and - in collaboration with community groups and other designers – co-creating mosaics. For diverse clients throughout the Vancouver area and elsewhere, he has built or supervised the building of hundreds of mosaics in tile and pebble. The settings for these installations have included city parks and plazas, public buildings, schoolgrounds, residential neighbourhood streets, and private gardens.