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Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals

Burns, Bill, Hurtig, Annette. Canadian Catalogues, AGGV (Victoria): 2005. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Janet Cardiff: Eyes of Laura (1st)

Cardiff, Janet, Grenville, Bruce, Wakkary, Ron. Canadian Catalogues, Vancouver Region: 2005. (Exhibit Catalogue)

N6549.C35A4 2005

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Erin Shirreff

Carleton University, Agnes Etherinton Art Centre, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. Canadian Catalogues, Contemporary Art Gallery: 2012. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Germaine Koh: Weather Systems

Cook, Sarah, Markus Miessen, and Yulia Startsev, Kamloops Art Gallery. Oversize Editions: 2013. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Rody Kenny Courtice: the pattern of her times

Courtice, Rody Kenny 1895-1973., Jansma, Linda 1962-, Robert McLaughlin Gallery.. Canadian Catalogues, Ontario: 2006. (Exhibit Catalogue)

ND249.C68 A4 2006

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Metcalfe/Lewis Ikons

Cultural Olympiad. Canadian Catalogues, Vancouver Region: 2010. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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The Solitudes of Place: Recent Drawings by Ann Kipling

Darrin J. Martens, Robin Laurence, Rosemarie L. Tovell, Burnaby Art Gallery. Canadian Catalogues, Burnaby Art Gallery: 2011. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Bright land: a warm look at Arthur Lismer

Darroch, Lois 1912-, Lismer, Arthur 1885-1969.. Monographs, Canadian Artists: 1981. (Book)

N6549.L57 D37 1981

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Micah Lexier: A Project for Surrey and Other Site-Specific Works: : A Project for Surrey and Other Site-Specific Works (1at)

Davison, Liane, Lexier, Micah, Pakasaar, Helga. Canadian Catalogues, Vancouver Region: 1994. (Exhibit Catalogue)

N6549.L49A4 1994

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Lalakenis / All Directions: A Journey of Truth and Unity

Dick, Beau; Dick, Linnea; Watson, Scott; Brown, Lorna; Edenshaw, Gary; Gyauustees, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. Canadian Catalogues,Morris and Helen Art Gallery: 2016. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Baba's House

Durey, Lucien and Katie Kozak. Canadian Catalogues, Saskatchewan: 2014. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Wonder and Resonance: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Esker Foundation. Oversize Editions: 2015. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Doubting Thomas: Beth Stuart / Unicorns and Dictators: Cynthia Gerard

Esker Foundation. Canadian Catalogues, Alberta: 2014. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Mark Lewis: Cold Morning (1st)

Fischer, Barbara, Bartels, Kathleen S.. Canadian Catalogues, Vancouver Region: 2009. (Exhibit Catalogue)

N6549.L4836A4 2009

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Poets and Other People: Drawings by Harold Town

Fulford, Robert. Canadian Catalogues, Ontario: 1979. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Arnold Shives: Delving Into Nature

Galerie Forum Lindenthal. Catalogues, International: Miscellaneous: 2001. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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Herstory: Art by Women in the University of Winnipeg Collection

Gallery 1C03. Canadian Catalogues, Manitoba: 2013. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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The Whisper of Stones: Pnina Granirer

George Harris, Two Rivers Gallery. Canadian Catalogues, B.C.: 2013. (Exhibit Catalogue)

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